9, Maitama Sule Street off Awolowo Road, South-West Ikoyi, Lagos

About Nimbus Art Gallery

Nimbus is one of the oldest and best known names in the world of African Art. The gallery through its various manifestations over a career spanning three decades, has played a leading role in forging dynamic new avenues of African expression. Our ground breaking 1999 art auction “Before the Hammer Falls” held at the Muson Centre in Lagos set new standards and paved the way for the present boom for in the local and international African art auctioneering business.

This success lead to the birth of Bogobiri House, Nigeria’s premier boutique hotel and creative hub. Located in the heart of South West Ikoyi’s art district, Bogobiri (a place where there are no strangers) has become an enduring local landmark; imprinting its unique backdrop to Lagos’ art and music scene.

Today’s Nimbus, is the engine room driving a new power generation of creative entrepreneurs pushing the envelope of creativity and boldly using art as the ultimate weapon for change. Distilling the essence of creativity by breaking down its component parts the new Nimbus welcomes you to a multi-coloured display of African ingenuity.

Welcome to Africa’s tomorrow, today.

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